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Health and flavour,
it’s a match!

Now you can start to take care of yourself while enjoying all the good things food has to offer.

Obrador Sorribas

Low-temperature cooking,
welcome home!

You may ask yourself, what is low-temperature cooking?

It's a cooking technique that involves cooking ingredients at low temperatures and in their own juice, without contact with air or water. This maintains all nutritional properties and ensures that vitamins and minerals are not lost along the way, besides preserving the flavour and texture of ingredients. Something that does happen when products are fried, boiled or grilled. That's why we don't do any of that, we make all our recipes using low temperature cooking.

One technique,
three key benefits.

Thanks to low-temperature cooking, we can offer you a superior organoleptic experience.

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  • All the nutrients of foods are fully maintained.

  • The flavours, aromas and textures of all ingredients are preserved.

  • Once cooked, our recipes can be conserved naturally and in optimal conditions.

Tony Botella, the master of low-temperature cooking.

All our products are made by Tony Botella, a lover of low-temperature cooking and one of the leading figures in the sector. In 2000 he created TBTC, a culinary school for professionals dedicated to low-temperature cooking, which has trained several of Spain's most important chefs.

His objective at Obrador Sorribas? To make it possible for everybody to enjoy haute cuisine at home, at the office or anywhere they fancy.

Obrador Sorribas

We have been bringing you the most natural, healthy and tasty products since 1915.

And we intend to continue doing so.

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