You deserve to

know what

you eat.

We are a genuinely healthy alternative,

which is why we don't make ultra-processed plant-based foods in our kitchens. We only prepare flexitarian recipes with real ingredients that you are able to pro-nounce.

Obrador Sorribas
Find out how

Most veggie burgers are pre-fried.
Ours are not.

We prefer to bake them in the oven or cook them at a low temperature. This way we get much healthier recipes while preserving the nutrients, textures and flavours of the ingredients. Oh, and not to mention your health and that of the planet.

Ultra-processed plant-based foods are ultra-processed foods. That is why our recipes are ultra-well prepared.

There is an increasing number of vegan and plant-based products, many of which are not healthy. In our kitchens, health and flavour are two essential ingredients, which is why we prepare our recipes with real ingredients that you are able to pronounce.

Any more reasons to taste our burgers?

Coming right up! Here are three more.

  • Tastier

    · Because they are not fried, they preserve the flavor of the ingredients better

    · With recognisable ingredients

    · With crispier textures

  • Healthier

    · No added fats, no extra calories, no weird ingredients

    · Using techniques that help to preserve nutrients, flavours, colours and aromas better

    · Lighter and more digestible

  • More sustainable

    · No frying means less waste

    · A pack with 56% less plastic than the majority of them

    · With biodegradable sugar cane paper for our eco-friendly range

We have been bringing you the most natural, healthy and tasty products since 1915.

And we intend to continue doing so.

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